Thursday, February 11, 2016

"House of Cards Season" 4 Trailer

I've always been a fan of anti-heroes. I just can't get enough of wanting to root for them to win and for karma to bite them in the ass all at the same time.

The last time I felt this way about a character was most likely Walter White.

These days, it's Frank Underwood.

I'm also a fan of trailers with a lot of quick and intriguing shots, just a few frames in duration.

I'm an even bigger fan of being able to download said trailers and go through them frame by frame to try and figure out what's in store for the new season.

Here are a few screen caps that caught my interest and the thoughts and questions they brought up for me:

Is Zoey Barnes back from the dead? And she's working for Claire?...
Oh, that's just Neve Cambell

A gun pulled from a drawer... how sinister. Remember what Chekhov said!

Is that Lucas Goodwin on the top bunk?
And is that other guy going to... er...
make a... "prison proposal"?

Claire is being spied upon... a bald woman?

I suppose it could be Ellen Burstyn. My first thought is that she's playing Claire's mom, because when you leave your husband, you go to your mom's house, right? But if she's the spying bald woman then maybe she's "got the cancer" and only wears a wig when she isn't spying on people.

I think this might be where Chekhov's gun goes off.

Is this that same Civil War reenactor who claimed to be portraying Frank's ancestor? 

Who is Doug tackling in his living room? Is that Seth?

I think it is Seth! I'm having trouble picturing a White House Chief of Staff
doing something like this... Well, any Chief of Staff that isn't Rahm Emanuel*.

Dancing half-naked guy wearing headphones...
I want to know but I don't really want to know right now.

It's those rare moments of quiet vulnerability
that make Frank such an endearing character,
despite being a narcissistic, amoral sociopath.

Claire's Dad?

My first though was, "Mr. President, you're hooker is waiting for you."
Then I thought, maybe it's Claire.
Perhaps she and Frank reconcile at some point.

Okay, someone is assaulting Frank.
Which is to say that someone is assaulting the President.
Who could get close enough to do that?
Obviously someone who's working for Claire...
whose blurry reflection can be seen in the window.

Another gun... going into someone's mouth.
I don't know if Chekhov ever said anything about that.
But then—full disclosure—I haven't really read anything by Chekhov.

Angry bald guy. Probably Doug.


There were a few other shots that caught my attention. Like some guy that I assume is going to be Frank's running mate. I'm very much looking forward to the new season. And I hear that Season 5 has already been given the green light.

*I'm not saying that Rahm Emanuel has ever done anything violent or that he's even capable of such behaviors, or that Doug might be somehow based on him... I'm just saying that Emanuel has always had a reputation of being kind of a tough guy.